Just before you read, I would like to give a T/W for Harmful Thoughts.
If you are feeling a certain way please seek the necessary help, at the end hotlines will be linked. Thank you.

In this current year, we’ve been thrown around by countless emotions. It has been tough…

A friend messaged a post I put on my instagram story saying “you look lonely.” it confused me a little, I was on the way to see some friends on the train, in that moment I didn’t feel lonely. Yet, when I decide to go a little deeper, being lonely…

press play

“Do you have trouble sleeping?

Do you have nightmares?

Are you heartbroken?

Do you feel down?

Depressed, hopeless

Do you miss someone?

Do you find that things you once enjoyed

No longer interest you?

Are you lonely?

Are you always sleepless.”

These days I feel more mellow and…

Sometimes I sit here in my chair, staring out my window at the four leafless trees, their brown bark covered in moss from the winter. The parakeets of West London usually in song, my eyes moving past it all to the small park, the other side of the path that…

I usually find myself sitting in my room thinking of ideas but never really acting upon them. Thinking of some fantasy story about a different world, following the heartbreak of a character and how they would look to overcome the story. Coming up with my own cliffhangers for the reader…

TW:// drinking, dark thoughts.

This year, what a year.

I took it upon myself to distance myself from social media, to only contact and talk to those who I felt like talking too this Christmas. The past year for myself has been a peculiar one, 2019 was probably one of…

“Angels are like Diamonds. They can’t be made. You have to find them. Each one is unique.”

A diamond has been seen as one of the most beautiful jewels in all of history and yet to make such a precious stone it must be forged under immense pressure. …

“Your world champion is returning,” are some words that are etched into my mind, impossible to forget. I must have watched the group stage teaser for 2019 hundreds of times. Every time I turn it on, I’m waiting for one moment, the moment where Song Eujin appears on-screen. A moment…

“When we took down the enemy Nexus, at that moment, we were the strongest team in the world, but over the course of the next 24hrs , we will become challengers once again.”

Moments, they come and go yet we seem to remember the most striking ones. The ones you…

72 erys

this dream is eternal. writing about things that interest my mind.

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