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2 min readJan 9, 2021

I usually find myself sitting in my room thinking of ideas but never really acting upon them. Thinking of some fantasy story about a different world, following the heartbreak of a character and how they would look to overcome the story. Coming up with my own cliffhangers for the reader in my mind, yet I never wrote it. Even when I tried to find some sort of work flow I could never really stick to it for more than a day or two, I just don’t work like that. To be productive is a personal goal of mine that I can never truly achieve because I feel that I am never inspired, or for a better term I am waiting to get that brilliant idea that I am so passionate about that nothing can stop me. That idea has never come. It never will come. That’s just not how your mind works.

Taking a step back over the past few weeks to really try to understand my brain, the things that make me tick, to rid some of the cobwebs and demons that lurked up there. Yet it wasn’t until last night did I understand it. Watching the Netflix series ‘Abstract: The Art of Design,’ which I’ve watched in the past a few times I finally took in what was being told. Especially by Christoph Niemann. Discussing his work ethic he spoke on being ‘creative’ or finding that idea and in that moment it finally hit me. Paraphrasing what he said, in essence you have to just keep working at the thing you enjoy, everyday and not wait for that moment, you have to create it yourself. Some day’s the work might come out bad and that’s all in due course because there will be a day where what you create is the thing you’ve been wanting to create the whole time you was waiting.

just a random photo i took while trying to be creative.

After watching that episode I went to get some fresh air, as I stepped outside it began to snow. Very, very lightly, it began to snow. I looked up and smiled, I was sort of overcome with emotion. Why? I cannot really say I just felt comfortable. It’s here where I just felt that where I work best is in my comfortable, nostalgic world of home. So I created this playlist.

Songs that create my comfortable world, they echo some of my feelings, some thoughts that always weigh on my mind, but they make me comfortable. So please enjoy.

I would love to talk about every single song, what I means to me in this current age but I feel like they all speak for themselves.

Playlist here on Spotify: Snow by 72erys



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